Whoa! What an intersting times we live novadays. My finnish readers might remember this story I wrote on 2006. I was just amazed then about the creativity of the people and blasted about the new and endless possibilities that web (and technology in general) will add on top of …everything. User generated content was booming. Oh boy how far we still were then, when considering today. And where are we now and what will be around the corner.

Those are some interesting thoughts that raised today when I was watching a video and having a lunch at my desk. Those thoughts and the overall thinking around this topic always reminds me of the fact how little one eventually knows about things – but how innovative and creative one still can be. Or is it just because of that? My good friend and great web2.0 -thinker Andrea Vascellari just reminded me about this by blogging about it. What a great video! I just encourage everyone to take the time and watch it. One hour well spent. ūüôā

And have I turned to write this blog in english? No. I just felt that way for some reason this time. ūüôā Katso ihmeess√§ t√§m√§ video, jos web -jutut kiinnostaa..Whoa!