Today I had a honor of being a quest at Vascellari Media Channel -video podcast. It is a new podcast Video Conference With VMCchannel, array of media, discussing many interesting things related to web2.0 and new media. This whole story and episode of how I got there is just a nice example of the world today. It is an example of how people collaborate and cooperate with the various means of Web2.0.

For example me and Andrea, we met not long ago at Jaiku. We even participated in the same “pikkujoulu” -party in that very same web2.0 or micro blog -platform. We have never met in real life, nor knew we each other before. And there we are. Chatting away and producing new media like old buddies. Producing media without boundaries in language, geography or other. Isn’t that cool or what?

I’m soooo looking forward for all the people (the great mass of new people) discovering this amazing platform and way of communication and collaboration. The web2.0, podcasting, videocasting…new media, how ever it is called in every dimension of it. This really is changing the way of…everything.

Thank you once again Andrea for the nice chat. We’ll keep in touch! Meanwhile, all of you…my dear readers… you can check Andrea’s interesting new media channel at:

Take care!