Heheheee…Kaikkeen ihmeelliseen sitä törmää internentissä samoillessaan…Mutta mikäänhän ei ole sen hauskempaa, kuin kunnon kakkahuumori tai huumorikakka, miten vaan. Ja sitähän löytyy osoitteesta http://www.poopreport.com/

Binge, purge, evacuate…

“I tried to relax and let things happen. This brown monster has its pinky sticking out the back door, but the rest of the beast was too big for the escape hatch. I briefly thought of a story about a guy who built a car in his basement and then realized that he couldn’t drive it out of the basement. I was rocking back and forth trying to birth this beast when I suddenly felt it rush the back door. The time had come, and I was as ready to see this guest go as it was to leave…”


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